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remote desktop how to

Quick user's guide how to setup remote desktop connection.

Follow 3 easy steps below to quickly setup remote desktop connection over the Internet with AeroAdmin. It takes less than half a minute to make it.

If you have any questions feel free to ask our support team.

Warning: Do not accept help from unknown callers.
Microsoft, or your ISP will never call and charge you.
Download and launch AeroAdmin.exe on Admin's (local) computer. Download and launch AeroAdmin.exe on Client's (remote) computer.
download and run
Find out Client's ID and put it into corresponding field. Tell Your ID to Admin.
connect to client
Click "Connect" and wait for the Client to accept your connection request. Choose what admin can do to your PC (view screen, control mouse and keyboard, synchronize clipboard, access to your file system) and click "Accept".

If you want next time this Admin to connect to your PC without your manual accept check "Save my choice for this admin" box. It's recommended to add password to the ID in access rights.
remote desktop session
Done! Now you can see remote desktop and control it within your access rights. Your computer is being controlled by Admin. You can see how many Admins are connected to your PC in the AeroAdmin main window next to "Active connections".

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