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AeroAdmin remote desktop security

Secure and confidential remote desktop is AeroAdmin's priority.

AeroAdmin provides effective security system protecting users from unauthorized remote access. Have a look at key security features below.

Authentication system

Reliable and flexible authentication system

  • AeroAdmin provides an option to flexibly configure access rights to your computer (Picture 1).
  • Unlike numerous remote desktop applications allowing remote access only by password AeroAdmin makes it more secure by implementing new additional parameters (like identification of hardware characteristics) for accessing remote computer.
hardware ID

ID is based on hardware configuration

  • Once launched for the first time AeroAdmin scans local computer hardware characteristics and generates ID based on them. ID remains bound to this computer. In combination with password such approach significantly improves security.
ID protection

Hijack ID protection

  • All IDs are unique and generated randomly. There is almost no chance someone will be able to catch or guess your ID.

Total encryption

  • All data including display image, mouse and keyboard, files etc transferred during remote desktop session is encrypted with hybrid AES+RSA algorithms.

Picture 1 - Access rights window

Remote access rights

Supported authentication methods:

  • Manual accept:
    Client manually accepts/declines connection (like an incoming phone call).
  • By unique ID:
    Admins added to the white list can setup remote desktop connection without password input. One can limit access rights for each admin.
  • By password:
    It's possible to give access to any ID by password.
  • Combined method:
    Remote access is granted only for predefined admins' IDs by an individual password (Recommended!).

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