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AeroAdmin - Simple Message Service (SiMS)

SiMS is a free service for instant messaging allowing your clients or partners to send you email messages with a few clicks.

Check out how to efficiently use instant messaging with SiMS for remote customers support.

  • SiMS - is a very simple and efficient way to send help request to your support specialist or partner. Now you can do it with 2 clicks.
  • Advantages:
    - No need to search for admin phone number and call him
    - No need to use your email box and waste time searching necessary email
    - All data required for instant remote desktop connection over Internet (computer ID, computer name) is auto attached to the message
  • Messages sent in a form of tickets (easy to track)
  • Admin email is saved once input
  • (!) AeroAdmin can be configured so that when run only SiMS window pops up
    (Run with parameters "-minimize -sims")

Picture 1 - SiMS window

aeroadmin sims window
  • SiMS can be run as seen on the picture 1.

  • In the window:
    1) Type in admin email (will be restored on next run)
    2) Type in your message
    3) Click send button

Picture 2 - SiMS ticket

SiMS tickets
  • Admin'll receive the meesage right after it's been sent.

  • Ticket:
    1) Subject: Ticket #, sender computer name
    2) Message body:
    - client ID
    - computer Name
    - Message body

  • (!) In fact, a partner only has to send message text. The rest of the necessary data will be auto attached.

Picture 3 - Launching only SiMS window

sending SiMS message
  • Configure AeroAdmin so that when launched only SiMS window appears
  • Advantages:
    1) Send help requests with 2 clicks
    2) Simple and single window. Very easy even for non tech savvy people
    3) Admin email and window position restore on next launch
    4) No need to install side ticket tracking software
    5) You are always in touch with your customers/partners when they need your help

  • Configuration guide:
  • Download AeroAdmin
  • Create AeroAdmin.exe shortcut
  • Right-click shortcut and choose "Properties"
  • On "Shortcut" tab "Object" field add parameters"-minimize - sims".
    Example: "C:\Software\AeroAdmin.exe -minimize -sims"

    Now when AeroAdmin is launched only SiMS window will appear on the screen. Your clients and partners will be always able to send you instant messages.

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