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Remote access to unattended computers and servers.

AeroAdmin can be run in OS user-free space (before user login) so that you can reboot remote computer and still have the ability to access it remotely.

If you have any questions feel free to ask our support team.

To configure AeroAdmin unattended access you have to:

Step 1: Start AeroAdmin Service (admin rights required)

menu service
  • Download and launch AeroAdmin.exe on remote client PC.
  • Click on Connection ⇒ Service in main menu. Service will be installed and launched. AeroAdmin will be auto launched on Windows startup now.
  • To stop and remove AeroAdmin service click on "Service" once again.

Step 2: Configure AeroAdmin access rights

  • Click on Connection ⇒ Access rights in AeroAdmin main menu.
  • Click add button add
  • Add ID of a computer you want to grant access to. You can also type in "ANY" to allow access to any computer ID.
  • Fill in the computer's name or description field.
  • (!) Type in strong password. It's not recommended to leave password field empty.
  • Confirm password.
  • Click Ok
access rightsdownload and runarrow
  • Check necessary access rights for the admin in the table.
    * If you want the admin to be able to edit access rights during remote desktop session check "Remote admin can change these settings" box.
  • Click Ok.
access rights

Now your computer is configured for unattended remote access!

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