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AeroAdmin - Branding & Customization

Create your own branded, specially configured AeroAdmin executable for better customer experience and brand loyalty.

CORPORATE license provides an option to create a branded exe file, with preset settings and access rights.

Custom settings and private company identity improve client loyalty and allow you to significantly simplify the proccess of remote connection.

Picture 1 - Branded AeroAdmin.exe

  • General brandable and customizable AeroAdmin elements:
    1. Company name and phone number in main AeroAdmin window (instead of license name)
    2. Logo/icon (48x48)
    3. Operator/admin email in SOS window
    4. Access rights and passwords for up to 10 operator IDs or for "ANY" operator
    5. Link to your website in menu "Help ⇒ Connect support"

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Picture 2 - Additional customizable options

  • Configure AeroAdmin in accordance with your preferences and needs. You can adjust:
    1. Launch options
    2. Performance and image quality
    3. Network options
  • These settings will be built into the executable file and used by default.

How to set up unattended access

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Picture 3 - Access rights and password predefinition

  • This section allows you to create a built-in white list of trusted operator computers and assign passwords and access rights to each of them:
    1. Add the AeroAdmin ID of an operator computer #1 or use "ANY" record to allow access to any operator.
    2. Type in your own/your company name, e.g. "My Remote Support"
    3. Set up and confirm password. You will use this password to access a remote PC running this customized exe file.
    4. Limit access rights of the current operator ID by checking necessary checkboxes.
    5. You can add up to 10 operator computers using corresponding tabs.
  • Apply changes to download your branded and customized executable file.
  • Upload this file to your website or cloud storage server and share the download link with your remote clients.

More about security and access rights

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