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Establish remote desktop connections for spontaneous support, remote files or software access. After downloading and running AeroAdmin, you will be able to work with remote computers in just a few clicks.

AeroAdmin for Windows

AeroAdmin requires no installation or configuration, just download and launch it on your local (operator) and remote (client) computers.

Use the AeroAdmin ID number of the remote computer to establish a connection.


Don't give access to unknown callers! AeroAdmin, Microsoft, your ISP or Bank will never call and ask access to your PC!

File name Version Size, KB Build # Build date
AeroAdmin.exe 4.9 2899 3612 Aug 29 2022

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The AeroAdmin FREE license is limited in time. Please see the full license comparison chart for more information.


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AeroAdmin 4.5

  • All connected operators are shown in a popup window. A user always know who is connected to his PC with ability to stop session anytime.
  • All file transfer operations are logged in a distinct window on client side.
  • New settings were added.
  • Default AeroAdmin settings are optimized for better performance.
  • Other minor fixes


AeroAdmin 4.4

  • Added voice chat (one-to-one). Beta.
  • Significant improvements in performance.
  • Enhanced connection control system.
  • Fixed wrong window positioning on multi-monitors systems.
  • Fixed wrong mouse cursor positioning on scaled schemes.
  • Other minor fixes


AeroAdmin 4.3

  • Settings: General, image, network
  • Ability to manually adjust performance during session
  • Run with current user rights by default with ability to elevate rights
  • Screenshots during session
  • Major branding improvements (available on CORPORATE license)
  • Quick remote desktop resolution change on admin toolbar
  • Default folder path can be setup in File Manager on local and remote computers
  • New regional repeaters
  • Minor fixes


AeroAdmin 4.2

  • Contact book can be stored in cloud folder and shared between several computers.
  • Improved SOS button. Admin email can be preset in exe file in CORPORATE license.
  • Session logs on BUSINESS license and higher.
  • Admin with PRO license can connect to unlimited number of remote clients.
  • Minor fixes


AeroAdmin 4.1

  • Install as Windows service in one click
  • Remote logoff, reboot in normal and safe mode (with auto session recovery)
  • PROXY support (SOCKS 4,5)
  • Win Server support
  • New regional repeaters
  • Minor fixes


AeroAdmin 4.0

  • Most firewall issues are eliminated
  • Connection by IP is available now
  • Improved connection handling system
  • New regional repeaters, higher connection speed
  • (!) v.4 is not compatible with v.3

Branding & Customization

Increase your customer loyalty with a branded AeroAdmin executable.

Create a custom AeroAdmin version with your own logo/icon, company name, phone number, link to your website, support email and more.

Preset access rights and a password for easier access to non tech-savvy customers, and implement AeroAdmin on hundreds of computers in a corporate network.

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