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Increase productivity with employees' monitoring

Remote employee monitoring with AeroAdmin

One of the easiest ways to arrange employee monitoring is to use free remote desktop software AeroAdmin (Download, How to use guide).

AeroAdmin – is a small application working without installation or configuration. It is launched on local admin and remote client computer and is ready to work, out of the box.

(!) AeroAdmin - remote desktop software that allows you to connect to computers over the Internet or in a LAN from any place and see who is doing what at any moment.

Aside from employee monitoring, the software provides full control to remote computers, including mouse and keyboard control, file transfer etc. You can work with a distant computer as if you were sitting in front of it.

Why AeroAdmin?

FREE for home and business use zero-configuration application

You can be in touch with your employees at any time

Your staff become more responsible at work, as they know they are monitored

You can collaborate interactively

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How to configure AeroAdmin for remote employee monitoring?

On employee computer (client):

1. Download and run AeroAdmin

2. Choose Connection ⇒ Access rights in main menu


3. button-add - Click add in access rights window

4. Type in "ANY" into "ID" and "Name or description" fields. Setup password (you will use it to connect this employee computer). Click Ok.


5. Run AeroAdmin as Windows Service in main menu Connection ⇒ Service.

menu service

Configuration of employee computer is finished. You can close AeroAdmin.

On your (operator) computer:

1. Download and run AeroAdmin

2. Input ID of the computer you want to monitor, as shown on the picture below

download and run

3. Choose necessary connection mode, ex "View only"

4. Click Connect

5. Type in the password you've set on the previous stage

In a couple of seconds you'll see remote desktop and be able to monitor employee activity live.

remote employee monitoring software

With AeroAdmin you can view several remote desktops at a time.

employee tracking software

Download AeroAdmin Learn how to use AeroAdmin Get premium license

Increase productivity with employee monitoring

According to a survey conducted by SHRD (the Society for Human Resources Development), 74% of companies monitor employee activity at work. Many companies have written policies stating their employees should not expect privacy at work, which gives a legal basement for employee monitoring. Staff using company computers and Internet are responsible for keeping up with company policies and guidelines.

Some people would spend their entire day online surfing Internet pages or chatting on social networks. Employee monitoring may significantly increase the company's productivity and staff responsibility.

AeroAdmin is a perfect and light-weight solution for employee monitoring and control. Try and use it right now!

Important notice:

In accordance with local law of some countries, the employee has to be notified about monitoring in advance.