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Партнерство с AeroAdmin - это просто и выгодно

Станьте партнером AeroAdmin и получите самые выгодные условия!

Получайте дополнительный доход без особых усилий. Расположите ссылку на AeroAdmin на Вашем сайте и получите свою долю от каждой продажи, поступающей с Вашего сайта.

AeroAdmin LLC offers you to become a partner and take part in an affiliate programme with guaranteed payouts via the third-party payment system, PayPro Global Inc.

If you are a company involved in IT or just a private entrepreneur providing computer help to your clients, partnership with AeroAdmin will allow you to earn extra money with no additional costs.

Referral Sales. How it works?

To get started you have to place a banner linking to on your website. All referral visits coming from your website are registered by PayPro Global.

In the case that a visitor referred from your website purchases an AeroAdmin license (immediately or later), you automatically get a share on your PayPro Global account.


When a customer on your web site clicks on an affiliate link or banner, PayPro Global generates a cookie containing your affiliate ID. If that customer returns to at a later date to buy the product, PayPro Global will determine by the cookie on the customer's computer that this customer originally came from your website and will consider the sale as an affilate.

You will get your account credited for the sum of your share immediately after the purchase.

General terms and conditions

Depending on the sales volume we provide the following agent commission:

Level Sales (Monthly, NET), $ Partner commission, %
I < 500 30
II >= 500 < 1500 40
III >= 1500 50
  • Monthly sales volume is revised once every 2 months. Initially a partner starts at Level I, which is revised every 2 months.
  • Money withdrawal is fulfilled on the 15th of each month after the report month.
  • Agent commission may be set individually, depending on sales volume and Partner's marketing activity, or may be revised.
  • Refunds on affiliate sales are split between vendor (AeroAdmin LLC) and Partner in accordance with their shares.
  • Partners can not sell the software at a price higher than the official one published at
  • Affiliate agreement can be canceled by any party at any time.

How do I start off?

  • Follow these steps to become an AeroAdmin affiliate
    1. Register as an AeroAdmin affiliate in PayPro Affiliate System using this link
    2. Review the AeroAdmin affiliate campaign details (enrolled products and markets)
    3. Get approved by AeroAdmin (Affiliation agreement activation)
    4. Download all the product media found in your Affiliation Agreement together with the redirect link for potential customers
    5. Place a display ad (banner) or a contextual promo on your website or blog

Register as AeroAdmin affiliate

Get marketing materials

Go to download button generator

Important notice:

Please do not sign up for partnership to get discount on the product you need for yourself. This will not work.

We strive to build up long term mutually beneficial relationships with our partners and that's why offer high agent commission.