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aeroadmin partnership

Partnership with AeroAdmin - it's easy and beneficial.

Become an AeroAdmin partner on very attractive conditions! Promote your business to a new level.

Partner's commission is up to 50% off the sales

Want to get extra profit aside to your own business? Arrange direct sales or promote software on your website through an advanced affiliate network.

AeroAdmin Inc. offers you to become a partner and take part in an affiliate programme with guaranteed payouts via third-party payment system PayPro Global Inc. If you're a company involved in IT or just a private entrepreneur providing computer help to your clients, or just have the ability and wish to arrange direct sales of AeroAdmin remote desktop software, partnership with AeroAdmin will allow you to earn extra money with no additional costs.

How affiliate programme works?

There are 2 options of AeroAdmin reselling:

referral_sales Referral sales. You put a banner or a link on your website. All referral visits from your website to are registered by PayPro Global. In case a visitor referred from your website purchases AeroAdmin license (immediately or later), you automatically get your share on your PayPro Global account.

  • Simple way to get extra profit at no additional costs

Referral sales - attract as much clients as possible on your website. When a customer on your web site clicks on affiliate link or banner, PayPro Global generates a cookie containing your affiliate ID. If that customer returns to our Web site at a later date to buy the product, PayPro Global will be able to determine by the cookie on the customer's computer that this customer was originally directed to this web site by way of your site. You will receive the commission for the completed sale, even at the later date. direct_sales_on_behalf
direct_sales Direct sales. Purchase of AeroAdmin is fulfiled by the client using your individual affiliate link to purchase form. The license will be sent directly to the client and you'll get your share on your PayPro Global account instantly after payment confirmation.

  • You can offer AeroAdmin to your existing and new coming clients
  • You can use publicly available data bases to arrange direct sales by phone or email
  • You can start reselling of AeroAdmin right now with no costs and even without having your own website

Direct sales on behalf of your clients. You can buy license to another person. State your client name, email and your partner / referral ID. direct_sales_on_behalf

Direct sales. Your clients state your partner / referral ID when making purchase.


Depending on the sales volume we provide the following agent comission:

Level Sales (Monthly, NET), $ Partner commission, %
I < 500 30
II >= 500 < 1500 40
III >= 1500 50

Simply become an AeroAdmin affiliate now!

How do I start off?

  1. Register as a AeroAdmin affiliate in PayPro Affiliate System using this link
  2. Review AeroAdmin affiliate campaign details (enrolled products and markets).
  3. Get approved by the AeroAdmin (Affiliation agreement activation).
  4. Download all the product media found in your Affiliation Agreement together with the redirect link for potential customers.
  5. Place a display ad (banner) or a contextual promo on your website or blog.
  6. Get monthly payouts according to your affiliation agreement.

And you are good to go! PayPro takes care of the rest!

What are the benefits?

  • Easy implementation of the system.
  • Order processing, fraud management and customer support is handled for you.
  • Monitor and analyse your referral sales in reports.
  • Receive scheduled payouts by any suitable method.

General terms and conditions:

  • Monthly sales volume is revised once in 2 months. Initially a partner get Level I, which is revised in 2 months.
  • Minimum sum of money for withdrawal $400 (set by PayPro Global).
  • Money waithdrawal is fulfiled 15th of each month next to the report month.
  • Agent comission may be set individually, depending on sales volume and Partner's marketing activity, or may be revised.
  • Refunds are split between vendor (AeroAdmin Inc.) and Partner in accordance with their shares.
  • Partner can't sell the software at a price higher than official one published at
  • Affiliate agreement can be canceled by any party at any time.

Important notice: Please don't sign up for partnership to get discount on the product you need for yourself. This won't work. We strive to build up long term mutually beneficial relationship with our partners and that's why offer a pretty high agent comission.


Enjoy your income!

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