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aeroadmin branding

AeroAdmin - branding and customization

  • CORPORATE license provides an option to create branded exe file, preset settings and access rights. Custom settings and private company identity improve clients' loyalty and allow you to significantly simplify the proccess of remote connection.
  • Branding:
    - Your own logo, icon
    - Your company name and/or phone (or other custom text) in main AeroAdmin window
    - Link to your website in menu "Help ⇒ Connect support" item
    - Built-in admin email in SOS requests window
    - Create your own download button
  • Settings:
    - Launch options
    - Image quality and performance
    - Network settings
  • Access rights. Build access rights for your operators into the exe file. You'll be able to connect to any remote client using your exe file, without manual accept on remote side:
    - Setup password for any remote client computer
    - Specify access rights for up to 10 operators. Or use common password for any operator
    - Use combined (ID + password) authentication method (highest security)
aeroadmin branding and customization
  • How to use predefined access rights:
    - Find out your operator computer ID (the one from which you will connect remote clients)
    - Add operator ID in "Computer ID (Admin)" field
    - Add computer or your company name in "Name" field
    - Setup password. You'll input this password to access remote computers.
    - Choose access rights for this operator. You can grant full access or limit the ID to only view remote screen.
    - Click apply. Your new branded and customized exe will be downloaded. You can give this file to your clients.

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