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AeroAdmin - Interface and Screenshots

AeroAdmin is specially designed to provide simple understandable user interface along with ease of use. With AeroAdmin a remote desktop connection over the Internet is a piece of cake.

Picture 1 - AeroAdmin main window

aeroadmin main window
  • Main window of AeroAdmin is simple and user friendly.

  • Allow remote control:
    In the left part there is unique hardware ID of your computer (Your ID).
    1) Please tell this number to your admin.
    2) Accept connection request in the new window (Picture 2).

  • Connect to remote computer:
    1) Find out client ID (ID of a PC you want to connect to) by launching AeroAdmin on a remote computer.
    2) Put the client ID in the corresponding field in the main window.
    3) Choose connection mode and click "Connect" button.

    Remote control session will start within seconds!

Picture 2 - Remote admin connection request window

remote admin request
  • Connection request window

  • Accept / reject of the remote connection:
    1) Choose necessary access rights for the admin (view only, mouse and keyboard control etc).
    2) If you wish to let the admin connect to your PC without manual accept, check "Save my choice for this admin" and click "Accept".

    Note: To add the admin in "black list" check "Save my choice for this admin" and click "Reject"

Picture 3 - Remote computer desktop

remote administration
  • While administering remote computer you can:

    1) Control remote mouse and keyboard.
    2) Work with your and client clipboard.
    3) Transfer files from/to remote/local computer with ability to resume download/upload.
    4) Send Ctrl+Alt+Del and other system keys combination.
    5) Lock OS manually and/or on session end.

    Note: To stop remote control session close the window by clicking "X" in the top right corner.

Picture 4 - Admin Toolbar

remote administration
  • Admin toolbar buttons:

    1) Turn ON full screen mode. Use Ctrl+Alt+F keyboard combination to exit full screen.
    2) Turn ON/OFF scaling. You will see either scaled remote desktop or not.
    3) File manager. It's used to transfer files between admin and client computers.
    4) Instant Windows lock. Click it to instantly lock remote workstation.
    5) Windows lock on session end. If ON, any session end (normal or emergency) will lead to auto Windows lock of remote computer.
    6) Send Ctrl+Alt+Del combination to remote computer.
    7) Send System Keys to remote computer. All system keys (like Alt, Ctrl etc.) clicks will be interpreted on remote computer but not on local.
    8) User log off. This will log off current user.
    9) Computer reboot.
    10) Computer reboot in Safe Mode with network drivers.

    (!) For p. 8,9,10 - Make sure you've preconfigured access rights for the admin and setup AeroAdmin as service. Otherwise you may loose control of remote computer.

    11) Show AeroAdmin main window on remote computer.
    12) Show toolbar help.

Picture 5 - File transfer

file transfer
  • You can exchange files with your partner with ability to restore upload/download.
  • SiMS sends insant messages from client to admin:

    - When your client urgently requires your support he/she can send you an email message containing client ID, client Name and request text itself with a single click !

    - It can be configured so that when AeroAdmin is launched only SiMS window pops up on the screen, what is really convienient for instant messaging.

    - All messages bound to their unique ID and admin receives them in a form of tickets.

Picture 7 - Contact book

  • Key features of AeroAdmin contact book:

    - Store your contacts info (computer ID, computer Name, Person Name, Phone, Email etc.), sort them by groups, connect them with a single click.

    - Dozens of contacts is not a problem. Use quick search filter.

    - Contact book can be easily copy/pasted and used on another computer.

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