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AeroAdmin - Simple Message Service (SiMS), SOS button

SiMS is a free service for instant messaging allowing your clients or partners to send you email messages with just a few clicks.

Check out how to efficiently use instant messaging with SiMS for remote customer support.

SiMS is a very simple and efficient way to send a help request to a support specialist or a partner


Picture 1 - SiMS Window

  • Open SiMS window as shown in picture 1.
  • In the SiMS window:
    1. Type in admin email (will be restored on the next AeroAdmin launch)
    2. Type in your message
    3. Click the send button

Picture 2 - SiMS ticket

  • The admin will receive a message to the specified email instantly
  • Ticket subject and message:
    1. Ticket #
    2. Client ID
    3. Client computer name
    4. Message body

Picture 3 - Launching only SiMS window

sending SiMS message
  • Configure AeroAdmin so that when launched, only the SiMS window appears
    1. Download AeroAdmin
    2. Create an AeroAdmin.exe shortcut
    3. Right-click on the shortcut and choose "Properties"
    4. On "Shortcut" tab, select the "Object" field and add parameters
      "-minimize - sims".
      Example: "C:\Software\AeroAdmin.exe -minimize -sims"

  • Now when AeroAdmin is launched, only the SiMS window will appear on the screen. Your clients can send you instant messages without using the main AeroAdmin window.

AeroAdmin can be customized so the admin/operator email is built into the executable file, so a client does not have to input it.

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